Club Members

Benefits for njWineGallery’s members

  • Free.
  • Discounts on Wine, Beer and Liquor.
  • Quantity discount on wines.
  • e-Coupons from for special Discounted products

Earn points on non-sale items …
Every 1000 points – $ 25 discount credit

$ 1 = 1 Point

Some Restrictions ApplyVisit for Terms & Conditions

  • May redeem $ 1 credit for every $ 10 purchase.
  • Due to ABC Law – Discount Credit can only be applied to non-sale items provided that final sale price does not fall below cost price.

NjWineGallery – Terms and Conditions

  1. No purchase is necessary to receive NjWineGallery Club card.
  2. You must be 21 years of age or older to receive NjWineGallery Club card. We require valid (Federal or State government issued) proof of IDs to verify your age. Person not being able to furnish valid ID(s) can not become a member of NjWineGallery discount card club.
  3. Card may be used to earn points at NjWineGallery store. It is not a credit/Gift card.
  4. Members who present their card when shopping will receive one base point for every dollar of Wine, Beer & Liquor purchases. Points will be rounded up or down to nearest dollar.
  5. Points are not awarded on the following items:
    • Store special items such as daily/weekly specials, manager’s special
    • Buy-Rite franchise’s sale
    • 30 pack Beers, Beer kegs
    • Keg or Tap Deposits
    • Tobacco products, Soda, Ice, Mixers, Accessories
    • Sales tax
  6. $ 25 NjWineGallery store discount credit will be rewarded to cardholder when accumulated points reach 1000. This is a discount store credit and not a cash reward and can only be applied to the future purchases. Please see point Redemption Terms and conditions for more info.
  7. Points will be issued only on the day of purchase.
  8. NjWineGallery club points are not transferable.
  9. NjWineGallery club points will be rewarded only upon the presentation of the card.
  10. NjWineGallery club points will not be back-dated for the purchases that were made in the past.
  11. A member’s account will become inactive after six (6) months of inactivity. Member point balance may be reset to zero and mailings will be discontinued. To reactivate your account, simply re-use your card.
  12. The NjWineGallery Club is not responsible for a lost or stolen card.
  13. The NjWineGallery Club reserves the rights to discontinue membership privileges and void a member’s point balance if any unauthorized points are awarded or redeemed.
  14. This membership card is a privilege card. The NjWineGallery reserves the rights to change, alter the terms or discontinue this program at any time. We at reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate your membership indefinitely at our sole discretion. If your membership is suspended and/or terminated, you’re required to return the membership card to NjWineGallery store.
  15. No points will be awarded to gift certificate purchases. Points will be awarded only to the purchase, not the redemption of gift certificates.
  16. Federal and state tax liabilities remain the responsibility of the card holder.
  17. Program is intended for individual use only and points can not be credited to another card holder, a corporation or business entity.

Point Redemption Terms and Conditions

  1. Awarded $ 25 is a strictly NjWineGallery store credit – it’s not a cash or any other type of incentive.
  2. Once the cardholder reaches 1000 points, s/he can redeem only $ 1 store-credit for every $ 10 only on future purchases. This credit can not be combined with any other discount offer.
  3. Due to Alcohol Beverage Commission Law – Discount store Credit can only be applied to non-sale items provided that final sale price does not fall below NjWineGallery’s cost price.